KJK Rope Dog Leads

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Ideal for training and handling. Hand made from top quality marine rope - matt polyester - looks and feels like cotton. Available with solid brass or nickel plated fittings Please enquire for prices.

Code 128/04Bsp - Used and recommended by Devon and Cornwall Police Dog Training Section.

10mm dia. -10.5mt length tracking line - natural colour - with brass clip (without a ring in handle).

Tracking lines are ideal for training, giving your dog some freedom but still having control, used by dog trainers, police and customs dog handlers.

Code 118/04B - 12mm dia. - 1.7mt length clip lead - natural colour - with brass clip and brass ring in handle.

The length and chunky feel of this lead makes it ideal for handling a strong dog.
Leads with clip and rings can be halved in length for roadside use providing greater control of your dog. This longer length dog lead can be carried across your shoulder when your dog is off the lead.

Code 150/00 - 8mm dia. - Over the shoulder clip lead in matt black - overall length 2.5mt. Also available with brass fittings and in 10mm or 12mm dia. rope.

This Over-Shoulder clip lead has trigger clips at both ends, with a ring in the middle. The rope goes over the shoulder and clips to the ring in middle at hip level with a lead length of 1m to clip to your dogs collar.

KJK leads are sold world-wide and used and recommended by dog trainers and behaviorist, dog clubs, breed societies, dog wardens, kennels, the R.S.P.C.A and police dog trainers. We have a good name for quality and service and the KJK labels are well-known. Our rope leads are hand made in the U.K. from top quality marine rope. Wide range of colours and sizes. KJK leads are light, strong, durable and washable.